Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The 3 C's

Began the year trying to get a head-start on my New Year resolutions: To spend more time baking. I have been wanting to do so for the longest time but I spent a lot of last year sorting my life out. I remember I used to bake a lot during my school days mainly to show off to my friends wtf.  Anyways, this time I chose the easiest recipe to bake: Chocolate chip cookies. This is because I can't seem to find good chocolate chip cookies in JB and the one and only Famous Amos branch at the airport recently closed down (maybe I was their only customer WTF). That made it harder to get my hands on delicious cookies.

I guess I mainly enjoyed the process of visiting the supermarket by myself to shop for the ingredients as well as the process of measuring stuff. I feel grown-up doing so haha..

I underestimated the first batch and dropped too big a dollop of batter onto the tray. They came out huge but they were the best ones of the whole batch.






Baking is not without hiccups. I over-timed this and forgot about them while watching TV wtf


I brought a jar of the cookies to work and they received rave reviews LOL maybe not rave, but everyone liked them. My boss even asked where I'm selling them WTF thanks?

More baking to come soon! :D

xiang yun

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Bojo said...

I love baking cookies and cupcakes :)
Sometimes I end up eating most of the dough. (the joys of baking)

I'm yet to bake a cake and not eat all the frosting before I frost the cake, hehehe