Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wonder Woman

Celebrated Mother's Day with a trip to KL a week in advanced after talking about it all the time with my mom but never finding the time to do it. You see, my mom and I are both working and she sometimes works on weekends and I usually work every weekend. So we both managed to get that weekend off and we both went on a fun, albeit short road trip. Along the way, we shared previous mother-and-daughter time and bonded over stories of work-related incidents and gossip about relatives.

She has been working for as long as I know but she never fails to care for our family's needs. Although we have a super small family, she always seem to have a ton of things to look after at home from cooking to cleaning to making sure my dad and I are well. She is a woman I look up to, and I thank her for being there for me always whenever I need her to be. She is getting older year by year but she doesn't seem to show it.

I think I got many traits from my mother. From her vanity, love for shopping (we can go on for hours and hours if one of us doesn't remind each other to stop), humour and weak tear ducts wtf we both cry at the silliest things, we both share a penchant for high-tea and buffet. But I also lack a lot of her qualities such as patience, calm temper, kindness, empathy and the list goes on and on.

Choosing her Mother's Day present.

Both waiting for food - this pose was not planned at all :)





Another favourite thing between my mom and I is that we borrow each others' clothes. She would come to my closet and pick out what she wants to wear while I always borrow her skirts and accessories to wear to work. In the pictures above, she's wearing my navy blue Cotton On slouchy top while I always borrow the silk shirt she wore in the first picture to wear for work.

She never ceases to amaze me. I can only hope to be a patient and stronger daughter, woman, mother, wife and person like her in future.

I hope she stays the same. I hope we stay the same.

xiang yun

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Bojo said...

You forgot to mention that she is stylish :)
Now I know where you get it :)
Lovely post Lauren.