Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Meeting 'The Pianist' Adrien Brody

Let me tell you a story wtf. Two weeks ago my boss asked me if I would like to interview some Hollywood star called Tom Hardy. I was like "Who's that?" and googled him to find out he played Bane in the latest Batman movie, Dark Knight Rises. Of course I said yes! But three days before the scheduled event/interview, the PR company sent me an email confirming that I would be meeting Adrien Brody, not Tom Hardy! My boss got it mixed up but either way I was cool because, hello? Super famous movie star, who doesn't want to?

Adrien Brody was recently down in JB for the first time to film a television documentary and I had the privilege of meeting him, thanks to my job. The Star and NST were the only media members that were invited to the set and each of us were allowed a 15-minute slot to speak to him in a one-on-one interview. I was caught off guard because I thought the interview would be conducted together with other journalists, which would have been less intimidating as we can take turns asking questions. I went first and I was literally shaking the whole time we spoke!

He spoke in a laid back manner, leaning on one of the vehicles. I was just so overwhelmed by his star power but he was kind to smile in between answers because I think he noticed my lip quiver wtf.

Adrien brody

Adrien Brody being interviewed by The Star

Thank goodness the PR managed to snap a photo of me interviewing Adrien! That's me recording the whole interview on my phone. I don't remember writing anything down while we spoke because I was too distracted and was just watching his lips move LOL. I was absolutely starstruck. He was super nice and did not even mind when I asked for a photo on my phone and another one using my camera. He even rubbed my shoulder and said it was okay when I apologised for taking his time T.T why so nice wan!

Adrien brody

 This has got to be one of the career highlights for me. Sure, we meet leaders, politicians, professionals and CEOs on a daily basis but this takes the cake. It's my first time meeting a big Hollywood star, let alone an Oscar-winning one! We spoke briefly, but he seems like an adventurous person who looks forward to enriching experiences in life. He said that when he was approached with the opportunity to film the series in a jungle in Johor, he was not nervous but looked forward to an adventure in the woods. :)

I am thankful for my job, yes, there are low lows but there are also highs like this. I guess we all can take a leaf from Adrien's book and just ask ourselves "why not?" when challenges come knocking on our doors.

P/S. here's the article I wrote for those who are curious ---> 'The Pianist' Brody tunes out fish head curry.
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