Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Let Your Food Be Your Medicine



ASOS white v-neck; Topshop cat print skirt (old) + bag; Uniqlo windbreaker; vintage watch; Chaiwalla drink lol

I can't beginning to tell you how obsessed I am of this windbreaker! It has the ability to transform any girly outfit into something more masculine/effortless/cool. I bought it from the menswear section but who cares, as long as it looks good right? This place I'm at is called Dapur Kita Food Mall, which is actually a food court in City Square. They refurbished the place and painted on some "inspirational" and smart quips at each of the walls, placed some wooden furniture and benches.. voila, instant hipster hangout! My favourite beverage company Chaiwalla opened up an outlet there too, which makes it much more awesome.

xiang yun

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