Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun

I think it's time that I let go of some things that I've held up in my heart for a while. It's easy to pick something up but we find it difficult to let things go. As usual, it's easier said than done. And we wonder how we got on with our lives prior to meeting certain people or having certain possessions. Why can't we just get on like we did before? Why did things turn sour and at which point either of us started not to care? Questions I haunt myself with but have no clear answer for. Everyday I am going in circles, causing myself trouble and pain of not knowing. Yet I do it again and again. I don't usually let myself get so trusting yet I still make the mistake of letting my guard down at times when I don't need to.

Days turn into weeks, into months. Sooner or later, I will forget you. Sooner or later, you will forget me too.


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