Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This is the last post of 2013.. duh.

Let's see.. 2013 was:

+ challenging :  went through my first full-blown general elections with Johor being one of the most-watched states; had semester assignments and finals nearing polling day - whoa.

+ satisfying: saw a bit of improvement in my work and got a bit recognised for the right reasons (by my bosses). :)

+ interesting: covered a fair bit of bizarre stories - haunted bungalow, wrote my first commentary about the worst haze in the state, made front page with the largest drug bust in the country, a lot of changes in Johor, among others.

+ fulfilling: done a few things I set my mind out to do - went to concerts of The Script and One Republic (best show I've been to); finally went to Penang after talking about it so much; went back and forth to KL; saw best friends so many times this year

+ a year of learning: learnt so many lessons both life and personally - learnt that I am quite bad with my money yet I am quite sensible at time; that matters of the heart is tedious and very troublesome; and that I am in fact, a very fickle-minded person.

+ a time of discovery: found out who were my real friends and who really can stand by me; also realise that some people are not worth standing up for and there are those who will give a lot to help me. :')

For 2014, I want to:

= save more money monthly - to get what I want.

= perform at work better - give in more effort.

= travel overseas, other than to Singapore - start small, ASEAN countries first!

= eat healthy, don't skimp on gym session now that I've already sign up for membership lol

= spend more me time -  it's not a crime and I don't have to feel guilty by being selfish at times.

= procrastinate less - work on school assignments and study for exams ahead of time.

So that's basically it.. I realise that work took up most of my 2013 points hahaha but yea, work is a big part of my life. BUT 2014 is full of endless possibilities, I am looking forward to it. Who knows where it will take me!

Thank you 2013, you have been fun and unexpectedly eventful. It was a great run!

So tell me, how would you sum up your 2013 in a sentence?

Happy New Year everyone!