Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bali Waves

the neon-coloured waves. maybe it was a reflection from the sunset skies but the waves looked like it had an explosion of orange and pink tints. like those you get on a popsicle you ate as a child. the feeling came without me knowing it. i thought i would not get affected but it came suddenly. before i knew it, my head was spinning with thoughts. thoughts about this and that, the past and the future - questioning why life was like this. i sat there, not bothering if anyone was watching. they were. they have always been watching. but i just sat there staring at the candy-coloured waves gushing to shore. where were the waves rushing in from? i pondered again about many things. i felt a pang of anxiety. i was scared for a moment there. what if i never met him? what if i had finished my studies and went overseas for work instead? why is the sun setting? is this how the people in Phuket felt when the tsunami came for them years ago? were they also admiring the beautiful waves like i was at that precise moment before their demise? am i going to suffer from the same fate as well? we all live to die. am i even alive? the thoughts came one after another before i could even think of an answer to the previous one. the waves looked so beautiful i could not help staring at it. not beautiful, more like mesmerising. pulling me in. the sun was showing its last glimpses of light. i blinked and looked away. tears appeared out of nowhere and left the corner of my left eye. the sun had set by then. night had fallen. i looked up. clouds the shape of meanders like those on maps looked at me. i laughed. maybe i am not alone. no, they are always watching. always.

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