Wednesday, July 2, 2014


At what point do we actually tell ourselves "I've made it"? Is it the moment you get married to the love of your life? Is it the moment you got the promotion that you've always wanted? The moment you signed the papers to your first property? Or is it the moment you feel the proudest of yourself, be it the littlest of achievements? At which point do you feel that you have the right to feel better than others and look down on them? At which point do you feel that your achievements mean more than other's achievement by yours or their standards?

Humans can be easy to deal with but we make it so hard to deal with ourselves. I am always in the opinion that humans are an arrogant lot. We are, by nature, judgemental, quick to jump to conclusions, greedy, discontented and hard to please. Humans are inconsistent, unpredictable and difficult to grasp. Do we do things because we seek something in return? Or do we genuinely do things because it came from a good place in our hearts?

If you think humans are complicated, the relationship/connection between humans is even harder to understand. Recent incidents have made me come to the conclusion that the human connection is actually very fragile. Say one wrong thing and bye bye, we are friends no more. That's not it. Take the national level for instance. Lately there has been so much talk about racial issues, racial conflict, racial disharmony. I found it very contradictory when in the front line, we have parties talking about being one race and one country and at the same time, there are people (media houses included) blowing up issues about the downside of implementing religious laws, fighting for one race and such. They say that they are fighting for us but why must the process be so harsh and hurtful? Because humans make things difficult for ourselves. Everything that is happening now is caused by humans themselves. They keep going on about harmony and tolerance and respect but that's all on the surface. We are more divided than you think. The cause? Humans. Different needs and the confusion of wants as needs.

That being said, when there's darkness, there will always be light. I believe that in our cold and hollow hearts, a glimmer of light flickers. With the right people around you to guide you and act as a fan to that flickering light, the brightness will soon shine through to burn away the negativity and toxic in your hearts. Find it in yourself to take a step back from this fast paced world from time to time to look upon yourself. Have you been too cocky lately? Do you feel that you should have helped that blind man selling tissue on the curb pick up one of the packets that dropped on the ground? Have you snubbed an intern at your office because you feel that she was less important than you but in truth, her heart is kinder than you'll ever be?

We live in a world with millions of other humans in it. You are not the centre of the universe, neither am I, nor your aunt or your neighbour's brother. Let's all learn to be kind to each other and be nicer to one another. We need each other to survive, so let's nurture that connection. The world is already a messy and tiring place, why make it even harder to co-exist among ourselves? Let's reflect, and always stay humble. Your heart will feel lighter and good things will ensue.


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