Thursday, October 9, 2014


1/4 - Hitting the quarter mark.

As I lay in bed last night reflecting on the things that happened since the last time I penned (or rather, posted) my thoughts here, I realised, I am not the same. Indeed, we change in many ways as time passes but I actually feel the contrasting change this time.

In April this year I decided to take on a different perspective in life. The path that led to that was not easy. At all. Despite the pain and hurt, I put up a fight but I was ready to give it up for others to be happy. The choices have been made and I have come to realise that everything happens for a reason.

Since then, I have been trying to be more patient, appreciative and I am happier. Happiness, is that a myth? A state of mind? I'm not quite sure but let me enjoy this while I can.

This year I chose a more muted celebration, in my own way. No frivolous trips out of town, no demanding wants. Just me and him. Just my own way of being thankful for what I have.

And I realised, I have a lot.

Happy birthday to me. This time, I am happy.

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