Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wrapping Up 2014

List of things to be thankful for 2014 - heads up, long post ahead.

It's that time of the year again where we count our blessings, look back at the what-could-have-beens and make new plans for the next year. 2014 has been good to me overall, though there were certain downs, the ups sure made it all worthwhile. This year was more of leaving behind old relationships and saying hi to new beginnings.

Firstly, the year started off a lot of uncertainty as well as difficult decisions to be made. I would like to think that those events helped me grow in terms of will, heart and as a person. Yes, there was a period of limbo between whether to let go or to hold on, but a series of difficult and personal decisions later, I'm glad things turned out the way they did.

Of course, when there is good, there is bad. I got burned and learned to let the wound heal, dusted off the dirt and grew wiser. This was an eye-opening year, that's what I can sum it up as. It helped me see a lot of things that had always been happening around me but it was always others who were at the other end. But this time, it was me and I'm glad it was in a way because I saw who true friends are as well as who the poisonous ones are. My advice? Don't trust people easily and those who are nice to you, aren't necessarily "nice". But that's just the human behaviour right?

Anyway, enough with the bad - those are just little hiccups to the good things that came my way this year.

For work, I scored a trip to Chengdu, China to see some pandas and climbed Mount Emei and saw some snow. All these years working, I've never gotten a chance to travel out of the country for work and I'm extremely thankful for this. Just when I felt that I didn't do anything particularly outstanding professionally this year, then the QZ8501 Indonesian AirAsia flight tragedy came about. I had to rush to Singapore Changi Airport and report on the situation from there for three days. Although I had a fever throughout, the experience was invaluable that will be useful coming years.

For travels, I am happy that I managed to see a few new places:
- Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
- Bali, Indonesia
- Chengdu, China
- Pulau Sibu, Johor
- Janda Baik, Pahang
- and finally went on a super spontaneous trip to Ipoh, Perak

Even managed to bring mom to a food trail trip in Penang for Mother's Day. I know it's silly but I saw a list of Tumblr before that said we should set a target to go to at least 5 places a year, three of which should be new ones. So glad that's more than five new places on my list! :)

Glad that I stuck to my resolutions to go for more live shows this year. Finally went for my first music festival at Laneway Singapore 2014 and saw a bunch of artists like James Blake, Jamie xx, Haim, Vancejoy, Savage, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Jagwar Ma, Youth Lagoon to name some. And yep, it definitely made me feel cooler than you because I went for it first. Then there's Baybeats Festival at Esplanade Singapore. Fell in love with our country's own Pitahati (saw them live in so many places and made friends with them), crossed over to Singapore and found out that Spacedays is awesome, saw Mogwai for Urbanscapes, KL and most importantly, I saw Taylor Swift for her Red Tour in KL (!!!) with my #SS Charissa who's a way bigger fan than me.

Studies-wise, it's not as hectic this year and I'm counting down the semesters before my degree ends next year.

Also, I have to mention that the biggest thing that happened to me this year was meeting that one person. The past few years haven't been easy at all and as clich├ęd as it sounds, I never expect meeting one person could make such a difference in my life. I saw things differently, I learned to appreciate things I was told not to before. This doesn't mean that I'm not myself anymore, believe me, this person fully lets me be myself and I've never felt more comfortable. It's hard to believe that there's someone who enjoys food as much as me (we went all the way to Ipoh for an unplanned food trail trip) and someone who can wake up in the morning with me because I am a breakfast/brunch person. Nobody will know of our struggles and how hard it was for us to move past those hurdles. There was a time where I felt that it was better to give things up but I'm glad I stuck through. So, thank you, you. You are my pleasant surprise. :)

For 2015, my hopes are:

+ to work hard for even more career growth
+ going past the final hurdle for studies and graduating soon (so over the 2,500-word papers already tbh)
+ traveling to more new places: Bangkok and Sabah are musts!
+ make more effort and continue going for more live shows
+ learn to be at peace with myself and stop those meaningless insecurities
+ take better care of my health, as always :-(

This year was full of decision-making, staying strong and having faith. I've learnt that nobody knows of the pain and our struggles, it is easy for them to judge. So this coming year, other than praying for things to go well, I also decided that I should think lesser of others' opinion because my own is the most important above all else.

Happy New Year, everyone. Be good and stay safe.

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