Friday, January 1, 2016


KL | wrapped up 2015 wrapped in his arms

Hands down the most memorable thing about 2015 has got to be the surgery I underwent and the 1-month medical leave I had to take to recuperate after that. Especially when it happened on my birthday and the celebration was very much muted. That not only gave me time to think and reflect but it also reminded me to be thankful for everything surrounding me. The people, the things I have, the people and things I still have. For 3 years in a row, I have been bogged by health problems and I have to do something about it rather than just talking about it.

Still on the topic of appreciating what I have and what I don’t, 2015 was also the year we lost our beloved friend and pet Roxy. For more than 10 years, she has been more than a friend to us, always being there for us. Her departure was really difficult for us to accept but I pray that she’s in doggy heaven filled with treats and without a trace of worry in the world.

On to more positive things, l would think I didn’t do shabbily last year. High on the list was finally visiting Bangkok (after talking about it so much). Definitely need to go for another trip there again this year heh heh. Also visited Medan and then Jogjakarta, in Indonesia, which the latter was for work recently. Spontaneously went to Cameron Highlands on a broken radiator, which was also a first (the place, not the radiator situation).

For school, I'm glad I got my dissertation out of the way. I still have several subjects I have yet to take so the goal of completing everything in 2015 has to be brought forward to this year. Let's just get it over and done with once and for all, shall we?

As for work, I feel that I poured in enough to feel the toll on my body. However, nothing shopping sessions a shopping session on my year-end bonus can’t fix hahaha, much to my bf’s dismay (read: countless trips to Sephora even though my make up skills suck balls).

I have always believed in setting realistic and achievable goals for myself to accomplish so for 2016, I hope:

+ to be more productive and write in my new daily planner everyday and accomplish the to-do lists listed.

+ to be more committed and disciplined in everything I do. This applies to work, studies, taking care of my health or even on something as simple as filling in my 2016 planner.

+ ya’ll know travelling will always be a part of my goals: Taiwan or Mount Bromo, Indonesia maybe and probably back to Ho Chi Minh and/or Bangkok.

+ to save more money because dude I want to buy a new car. Oh, and save for the biggest commitment in my life.

+ spiritually, to constantly remind myself to be more appreciative, grounded, and that nothing is permanent. And to live in the moment.

+ ultimately, to love myself more and not be so hard on myself. Go out and live, enjoy and let things go. I deserve every bit of it. And take short vacuums as usual from time-to-time.

Totally sound like I'm cheerleading for myself but don't we all just need to be our own biggest fan? May 2016 be a better and safer year for everyone. Don't let it kick our asses, alright?

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